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Benton County Search and Rescue (BCSAR) is a volunteer emergency service organization operating under the authority of the Benton County Emergency Management Agency.

Lost/Missing Person Incidents

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Cave Searches and Extractions

High Angle/Vertical Rescues

Remote Wilderness Medical Situations

Our Story

We’ve Been Saving Lives Since 1988

Our Story

Benton County Search and Rescue’s existence is based upon an inquiry received by the Emergency Management Agency in 1987 as to whether the county has a search and rescue pre-plan.  The initial request originated from the county’s largest public wilderness areas, the Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area, which had experienced SAR related incidents in previous years.

After a year of research and development, Benton County Search and Rescue was created in June 1988 by volunteers within the Northwest Arkansas Community, specifically emphasizing search, rescue, recovery and prevention search, and rescue education.  Upon completion of this organizational phase, unit members began a structured educational and training program which was designed to emphasize personal survival and search techniques to rescue training.

Since its inception, BCSAR has responded to numerous search and rescue related incidents in Arkansas and surrounding states.

Our Mission

To assist, support, and enhance Emergency Services and Law Enforcement Agencies of Benton County and its municipalities, and other mutual aid agencies through the development, testing, operation, management and use of conventional and unconventional equipment, techniques, specialized training, and leadership. To earn the respect of the community, fellow emergency services, and law enforcement personnel through our conduct, positive attitude, and professionalism.

Our Vision

There are 85,000 missing persons in the U.S.   When a person disappears, the families left behind often feel helpless, overwhelmed, and uncertain where to turn for help. The police are tasked with investigating, not searching, and there is no legislative mandate that a missing person is found.  Benton County Search and Rescue fills this gap by helping families search for missing loved ones.  During hours, days and months that a missing person is not located, families suffer unrelenting anguish of not knowing what happened.  Our goal is to bring the missing home, reunite families and provide closure. 

Years Of Experience


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Code of Ethics

We acknowledge and commit to honor, to the best of our ability, the following values:

moral obligation to the missing or injured

THAT we have a moral obligation to the missing or injured and to the members and other agencies with whom we work. We shall endeavor to guard their interest honestly and deal with them fairly, wisely and in an efficient, proper manner. We shall behave honestly in all matters, respect privileged communication, avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest and deal with others courteously and politely. 

obligation to advance the knowledge and skills of search & rescue

THAT we have an obligation to advance the knowledge and skills of search & rescue so that we can serve the needs of the missing or injured. We shall strive to improve my own knowledge and skills; support others by sharing my experiences, and strive to keep myself fully informed of new developments in the profession. 

Raise the standards of performance

THAT we shall continuously work to raise the standards of performance of the Benton County Search & Rescue Team to the highest attainable levels without regard to race, sex, religion, cultural background, an economic, or social condition in service to humanity. 

conduct ourselves in an ethical and prudent manner

THAT we shall support the mission of the Benton County Search & Rescue Team, “…that others may live”, and shall at all times conduct ourselves in an ethical and prudent manner worthy of our profession. 


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