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Frequently Asked Questions

What does BCSAR do?

Benton County Search and Rescue (BCSAR) is a volunteer emergency service organization operating under the authority of the Benton County Emergency Management Agency.  We provide trained teams of unpaid volunteers for searches of persons who are missing, injured or lost. 

What are Friends of SAR?

Friends of SAR is a non-profit organization developed to support BCSAR. Friends of SAR can accept tax-deductible contributions defray the additional costs of the team.

What if I can’t make a mission or training session

We understand our members have family and work obligations. As a result, we don’t expect them to attend every meeting, training session or mission. But, remember our objective is to field trained teams, which requires a time commitment of our members.

Is there a cost for SAR services?

Because of BCSAR’s volunteer commitment, search and rescue services are provided to the community free-of-charge.  

What training is available?

In addition to the monthly classroom training, BCSAR has a team field training once a month, usually on the third Saturday. The weekend field training focuses on the various skills that are important in search and rescue including:

  • Navigation (map, compass, GPS) Radio communications
  • Search techniques
  • Technical rescue skills
  • Medical assessment

This sounds like a lot!

We recognize all this could be a bit much. So, as soon as you join, we will assign you a personal Mentor. Your Mentor will help you throughout your first year by answering your questions, ensuring you are receiving the proper training and preparation, eliminating any obstacles and making sure you have fun. We do serious work for our community, but we enjoy ourselves while we are doing it!

Benton County Search & Rescue